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  • £4.12£4.92 exc. VAT

    All Purpose Flex Silicone Sealants

    The All-Purpose Flex Silicone Sealants is an all-round flexible sealant accommodating movement as well as being weather resistant and waterproof. The sealant itself contains fungicide for mould resistance and the provension of dis-colouring. Can be either used in interior or exterior job applications.
    £4.12£4.92 exc. VAT
    £4.12£4.92 exc. VAT
  • £8.75 exc. VAT

    Evo Stick 250ml Tin

    The Evo Stick Tube is a one-part contact adhesive. Ideal for many jobs around the home or at the workplace. Proving a High strength bond on contact. There’s no need for support! Ideal adhesive for emergency repairs.    
    £8.75 exc. VAT
    £8.75 exc. VAT
  • £4.25£37.95 exc. VAT

    Evo-Stik 350ml Gripfill Green

    The Gripfill gap filling adhesive will bond to almost any surface with excellent strength including vertical applications. Evo-stik Gripfill is a solvent-borne, filled rubber resin adhesive, developed to bond virtually any rigid materials together, regardless of the evenness of the surface. Gripfill is a high strength, one part, gap filling adhesive specially formulated to bond a large variety of materials. Evo-stik Gripfill is suitable for interior and exterior use (provided bond is covered) Bonds: Wood, plywood, hardboard, chipboard, laminated plastic, brick, rigid insulation material (except polystyrene), metal, stone breeze block, ceramics, concrete, sand/cement screeds, plasterboard, cement composite boards, G.R.P
    £4.25£37.95 exc. VAT
    £4.25£37.95 exc. VAT