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Diesel Site Mixers: Operation and Availability

Diesel Site Mixers: Operation and Availability
24th November 2017 Ben Sibbons

What We Offer

Winget are synonymous with quality, take advantage of that with one of our new Winget 5/3.5 mixers! Here at Sibbons we have renovated our mixer fleet with 10 brand new diesel site mixers, replacing all of our handle start machines, giving you the best possible quality and ease of use on site. These fantastic machines are available for collection or delivery, with our fleet of flatbed Lorries able to get them exactly where you need to (we even have hi-abs available for those hard to access spots).

At Sibbons we try to make sure you have everything you need to work, make sure your mixer keeps running with our selection of high quality sand, ballast and cement. We offer 25kg bags of cement loose or by the pallet at a fantastically low price. We also have 25kg bags of soft, sharp, kiln dried sand, ballast and pea shingle, with 1 tonne bulk bags of soft and sharp sand, 10mm and 20mm shingle and 20mm ballast, all can be delivered or collected to help cover all your building needs. Call 01206 823448 or email sales@sibons.co.uk now to hire now!

Getting the Job Done Right

Cement mixers allow large amounts of concrete to be made up quickly and efficiently, and more importantly, exactly where you need it. Once you know what you are mixing and have got your materials sorted, operation couldn’t be simpler, just turn it on and watch it spin.

While the Winget mixers would be effective for smaller jobs, they are best suited to larger industrial work where greater quantities are needed quickly. These mixers come mounted on 4 wheels to make movement on site easy, so, once one area is done, you can simply pick it up and move it on. As with any machine on site, ensuring that you have the correct PPE is essential. When dealing with cement dust it is always imperative that you make sure your eyes are well protected and to never put any body parts inside the mixer (especially while it’s running!).

Rely on the twist handle on the side to manoeuvre and empty the drum, this will allow you to pour your cement directly into either  a wheelbarrow or the mould, ready to spread with rakes or shovels. Once the cement is down and in place take advantage of our huge range of tools designed to give you the best possible finish, with air, electric or petrol pokers designed to take the air out of the concrete, and easy floats, power floats and tamper units designed to give you a smooth, crisp finish.

When you’re done it’s always best to run the mixer with sand and water, or a similar mix, to break up the worst of the residue, then use water and brushes/scrapers to remove any leftover cement, this will help lengthen the life of your drum. Once dried cement can be extremely difficult to remove, even with high strength acids, if this doesn’t work then the entire drum could need to be replaced, so 5 minutes with a hose could end up saving you hundreds of pounds!