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How to Hire from Sibbons

How to Hire from Sibbons
19th December 2017 Ben Sibbons

Hiring from Sibbons is easy, and we’re set up to make sure that not only do you get what you need, but that you are covered in case anything happens.

Find your machine

To start with, have a look through our site, or give us a ring, and work out what machine you need for the job you’re doing. If you’re struggling call 01206 823448 or email sales@sibbons.co.uk and one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Once you know which machine you’re after either send an enquiry via the website, email us or give us a call to find out availability and cost.

What we need from you

First the obvious, we need to know what machines you need from us, where you want them delivered (or if you want to collect them) and when you want them.

Before any hire starts, we only need the follow from you:

  • A utility bill, dated within the last 3 months and addressed to you.
  • Photo ID, either passport or drivers licence.
  • A card for payment – we usually take a £100 refundable deposit, along with the first weeks hire as standard.
  • If you have it – a copy of your ‘Hired in Plant’ insurance (comes as a sub-section under Public Liability).


We do require all our plant to be insured while out on hire, so if you haven’t got hired in plant insurance (as mentioned above) we can supply cover for the duration of the hire, which covers you from accidental damage and theft at only 15% of the hire rate. This is applied to the ex-VAT rate of just the machine hire (not the transport etc.) and has no applicable VAT itself.

End of the hire

Unless you know exactly when you will be finished at the start of the hire, we’re happy for you to keep the machines for as long as you need it, so simply give us a ring when you’re done/you know you’ll be done and we’ll come and get them.

Extra info

We have excellent coverage for breakdowns/repairs if it ever comes to that and are happy to help with any questions you may have.
Don’t forget we also have a shop and a full range of sales items available, if you can’t see it on here, don’t be afraid to ask!

We also offer a trade card, and to get it you just need to fill out a simple form.
You get a card with a unique number on it, you then just have to quote us your name and number on the card each time you hire to avoid having you give all your details next time you need to hire!
Please email, call or pop in and let us know if you are interested.