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New to the fleet: Genie Z45 Access Platforms

New to the fleet: Genie Z45 Access Platforms
24th November 2017 Ben Sibbons

Our ever growing access fleet has a new addition with two brand new Genie 2-Z45/25J cherry pickers. Our 16m platforms are some of our most popular and with two more machines available you can be sure we will have what you need, when you need it.

The Machine

The Genie Z45 is perfect for construction or industrial work, with a power diesel engine and the versatility of a 4×4 drive system allowing you to tackle the terrain while the self-levelling feature keeps you secure. Not only does the Genie Z45 offer a massive lift, but the outreach is huge, with a maximum of 7.49 metres helping you to reach even the most awkward spot. It boasts zero tailswing, tight turning and fully proportional controls from the floor or basket so you can get the machine and the boom exactly where you need it.

The rotation and drive systems on the Genie Z45 are designed to give precise movement and positioning, and with these machines being commonplace when working on warehouses, building sites and even houses, this versatility and precision puts the Genie apart from its competitors. With Hydraulic powered turret rotation and fully proportional controls allowing you to manoeuvre the machine exactly where you need it, the active oscillating axle and zero tailswing reduces the risk of getting stuck or damaging the machine or your site.

Ease of Use

Genies are incredibly simple to use, they can be operated both from the basket or the ground, giving you greater control and precision, especially when there is an emergency. Operating these machines couldn’t be simpler, with a full control panel in the basket giving you control over every boom and the drive system with handy illustrations on each control so you always know exactly which switch you are flicking! The drive system couldn’t be easier to use and as this is controlled by you standing in the basket, you can get the machine exactly where you need it every time. Control can be switched down to the basket allowing you to raise and lower the arm at will, helping you to get the basket up and out of the way for security, or to bring it down should anything happen to anyone up the top, with a backup electric supply to bring the boom down should the engine cut out.


While Genies are built with safety in mind, you and your employees protection is paramount when using any machines. Any time an access platform is used harnesses and a secure lanyard or rope restraint should be used on top of your standard PPE, this means that if there are any ever problems that arise you are protected from serious injury.

Our drivers are happy to show you how to use the machine if you’re unsure or haven’t used one before, so take advantage now and give us a ring on 01206 823448 to hire today!