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  • Plant Lorries

    4.3t Plant lorry complete with hydraulic winch and fixed beaver tails.
    10.25t Plant/crane lorries complete with 5 or 6 ton capacity Hiab crane, winch and beaver tails.
    14t Plant lorries complete with hydraulic winch and fixed beaver tails
    The cranes have a limit of either 5 or 6 tonnes (depending on machine) when next to the lorry, which decreased with each section of the crane.
    Price based on 2.5 hour minimum hire (from leaving to returning to yard).
    All of our plant lorries are available for hire (with driver). Largely used for site, container and plant movements.

We have a range of lorries in our fleet, complete with experienced drivers, ready to move your equipment. With two sizes of flatbed lorries with winches, capable of moving either 4.3 or 14 tonnes in weight, we can offer the right vehicle for the job.

We also run hiab lorries, with up to 6 tonne lift, ideal for container moves, loading in tight areas or for collecting broken down machinery.

Our lorry operators are highly trained & experienced. Get in touch to find out more about what we can offer.