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750mm Road Cone
750mm Road Cone
750mm Road Cone

Road Work Equipment Hire

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High quality and diverse road equipment hire in Essex, Suffolk and beyond

Sibbons cater for both small and large jobs. We offer emulsion sprayers for larger tarmacking jobs, and bitumen boilers and lance burners for smaller jobs. Additionally, we offer a wide range of road plates, signs and cones – even the chapter 8 signs!

Our propane lance burners come in different sizes, with single to triple burners, covering you from road to roof work. The 10-gallon bitumen boilers and emulsion sprayers for 205kg drums of bitumen, enables you to take advantage of our high quality Colas bitumen and Calor gas product. The easy use of Leotak, Leocatic, Jointgill, Euroline, Gripstrip (and many more) is perfect for most jobs – from professional to DIY.