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Flame Retardant Workwear

We stock a selection of flame retardant workwear designed to keep you as safe as possible in an environment where fire can be a risk. Our range covers flame retardant overalls, jackets and trousers and can be worn in a variety of different industries, including working in offshore conditions.
As well as outerwear, we also have in stock a set of Mascot flame retardant shirts and trousers which can be worn under usual work clothing. These are slim fitting and have anti-static qualities while still having great flame-resistant properties.
Some of the items in our fr clothing range also boast extra features, such as the Mascon Emmin Jacket which is also anti-static and acid-resistant. Many of the trousers we sell are also designed to support the knees and allow for ease of movement, whilst still standing up to harsh conditions. Please read each product description to find out which best suits your needs.