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  • £75.50 exc. VAT

    Ambler AS1002 Safety Chest Wader

    The Safety Chest Wader is an incredibly comfortable, durable wading boot that is ideal for practical wear. It features adjustable straps for a secure fit to help you stay dry in the toughest of conditions.
    £75.50 exc. VAT
    £75.50 exc. VAT
  • £99.95

    BUCKBOOTZ BBZ8000 Safety Wellington

    BBZ8000 uses a completely different assembly process from its older brother, BBZ6000 plus a host of new safety features and lightweight components. In addition it's 360º reflective, non-metallic and has built in EN certified ankle impact protection (AN) and Achilles support. BBZ8000 features a super lightweight nano safety toecap, a lightweight anti-penetration midsole and a weight saving sole bonding process. It's comparable in weight to its moulded polyurethane competitors and just like its older brother it fits like a glove, not like a tube.
  • £29.50 exc. VAT

    Dunlop A442031 Acifort Wellington Safety Boot

    SAFETY Safety Category : S5 Marking Code : SRA Features
    • Midsole
    • Toe Protection
    £29.50 exc. VAT
    £29.50 exc. VAT
  • £19.12 exc. VAT

    Dunlop H142611 Devon Wellington Boot

    The Dunlop H142611 Devon Wellington Boot is a comfortable, durable and hard-wearing safety boot. This boot is ideal for a vast range of industries. [sf_button colour="accent" type="standard" size="standard" link="https://www.sibbons.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Dunlop-H142611-Specification-Sheet.pdf" target="_blank" icon="fa-file-pdf-o" dropshadow="no" rounded="no" extraclass=""]Download Datasheet[/sf_button]
    £19.12 exc. VAT
    £19.12 exc. VAT
  • £54.20 exc. VAT

    Safety Thigh Wader

    The Safety Thigh Wader is an incredibly comfortable, durable wading boot that is ideal for practical wear.
    £54.20 exc. VAT
    £54.20 exc. VAT
  • £19.25

    VA S5 Safety Wellington Black

    Va Black S5 Safety Wellington Boot • Complete with steel mid-sole & toe-cap • Upper with PVC/Nitrile sole • Ribbed heel with kick off tab • Oil acid alkali & fat resistant • 1100N Penetration resistance steel mid-sole • Cleated out-sole