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  • 4 leg

    Grade 80 Lifting Chain

    Please enquire and let us know what you need, we can get any chain made to your specification, with 1 to 4 legs, 0 to 10m with a wide range of hooks and features available. One of our team will get back to you and discuss your needs and get you quoted.

Moving heavy machinery and objects safely is important. That’s why Sibbons provide you with the equipment needed to execute these tasks. The products in this range include 1 leg chains, 2 leg chains, 3 leg chains, 4 leg chains and lifting chain attachments such as master links and hooks all of which have been fully tested.

Need a fast reliable delivery? We assign a fast and secure distribution service on all of our products to ensure it reaches our customer on time. Need the products by tomorrow? Our next day delivery scheme is available on products we currently have in stock. Here at Sibbons we like to keep the customer satisfied, that why on any order over £100 you will receive the product the following day for free.

We like to hear from our customers as positive feedback is vital. If you have any enquires contact our team on 01206 823448 or via the website. Want to keep up with the business and receive the latest clothing and newest equipment online? Then join us on Facebook!