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We stock a range of products all of which stay within strict safety requirements, these include ear defenders, bump caps, forestry helmets, clip on face shields, banned head torches, universal chin straps, reflex safety helmet, reduced peak helmet, full peak helmet and roofer helmet. Within this range is various Centurion products a top brand in the market, currently we stock some of their safety helmets, clip on face shields, bump caps and ear defenders.

At Sibbons we know the importance of needing to stay warm and comfortable when working, this is why we ensure all of our products are tried and tested to withstand the cold. We provide a range of different products such as full hood warming systems, helmet liners, frost caps, balaclava liners and face warmers. Some of which are from the top brands Snickers, Centurion and Universal.

If you have any enquiries you can speak to one of our customer support representatives on 01206 823448, email sales@sibbons.co.uk or via the website. As a business we respond to all enquiries made rapidly ensuring we leave customers satisfied. Why not join us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest developments in work clothing and safety standards.