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  • £44.25 exc. VAT

    CO2 Fire Extinguisher 2KG

    The Firechief XTR aluminium CO2 is suitable for fires involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards. The carbon dioxide extinguishant is harmless to delicate equipment and materials making the extinguisher ideal for all electrical risks where oils, spirits etc are in use.
    £44.25 exc. VAT
    £44.25 exc. VAT
  • £4.95 exc. VAT

    Fire Log Book A4

    This professionally designed log book covers all aspects of fire safety to allow records to be kept up to date.
    • Fully compliant with requirements of recent legislation
    £4.95 exc. VAT
    £4.95 exc. VAT
  • £22.25 exc. VAT

    Kidde 10 Year Optical Smoke Alarm

    Kidde 10 year Optical Smoke Alarm
    £22.25 exc. VAT
    £22.25 exc. VAT
  • £23.25 exc. VAT

    Kidde 5COLSB Carbon Monoxide Alarm (7-Year Sensor)

    The Kidde 5COLSB Carbon Monoxide Alarm continuously monitors for the presence of deadly carbon monoxide (CO) in the home, providing a constant protection against the effects of this deadly gas. The 5CO features two LEDs - The red LED illuminates when the alarm has detected CO in the atmosphere and the green LED confirms that DC power is present. The alarm can either be installed on a wall or just placed on a tabletop or shelf for added convenience. It is also ideal for use when on holiday and in rented accommodation. The Lifesaver 5CO features a 7-year sensor life with an end of life warning to replace the unit after seven years protection.
    £23.25 exc. VAT
    £23.25 exc. VAT
  • £20.25£65.50 exc. VAT


    Another popular range of extinguisher in the Firechief XTR Dry Powder extinguisher. It is a highly versatile Class A, B and C fire-fighting medium for most fire risks. In addition to dealing with electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gasses, general wood/paper fires, this extinguisher is also effective on vehicle fires.
    • Approved to BS EN3, 35kV dielectric test
    • Kitemark, LPCB and MED approved
    • 5 year guarantee
    • Designed, developed and tested in UK
    • Squeeze grip operation
    • Internal polyethylene lining
    • Multi-purpose application
    • Corrosion resistant finish
    • J Bracket supplied
    £20.25£65.50 exc. VAT
    £20.25£65.50 exc. VAT
  • £20.95£65.50 exc. VAT

    Powder Fire Extinguisher

    The 9kg Dry Powder extinguisher from the Firechief range is a popular extinguisher. It's ability to tackle A, B and C class fires makes it ideal for vehicle fires and so it is often paired with a 3kg Dry Powder for use on HGVs where a minimum of 12kg is required.
    £20.95£65.50 exc. VAT
    £20.95£65.50 exc. VAT
  • £43.95£57.45 exc. VAT

    Water Fire Extinguisher

    The Firechief XTR 6L Water Extinguisher is widely recognised and trusted by re-sellers and end users alike. Designed, developed and tested in the UK for use on A-class fires, this product carries the well-known Kitemark, LPCB and MED certification achieving superior results in tests.
    £43.95£57.45 exc. VAT
    £43.95£57.45 exc. VAT

At Sibbons we know how essential it is to make sure all alarms and carbon detectors meet the specific criteria to ensure safety for everyone, whether this is at home, in the workshop or onsite. The products within this include digital & infrared thermometers, damp & gas detectors, metal, power joist & stud detectors and smoke & carbon detectors. Each product has been specified to prevent an upcoming hazard.

Sibbons dispatches any delivery quickly and securely. Next day delivery is available on items we currently have in stock, and we provide free delivery services on any order over £100.

Sibbons distributes a fast and secure delivery on all of our products to make our customers feel satisfied with our service. Next day delivery is available on items we currently have in stock, and we provide free delivery services on any order over £100. Discounts are also available when buying in bulk.