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We stock a range of fixings, tapes and packaging, all of which will enable you to complete from the large jobs down to the small finishes. The products in this range include tape and packaging, jubilee clips, cable ties, rope and bungee cords, screws, nails, stables and rivets and rivet guns. We have varied sizes of nails from 2.65mm to 150mm. Also our screws vary from size 5 to size 12, they can come in either amounts of 100-200.  We have many different tapes in stock for either cordoning, fixing, insulating, packing or fixing.


If you have any enquiries about a product or any questions about the company itself, feel free to speak to one of our customer support representatives on 01206 823448, or contact us by email: sales@sibbons.co.uk or via the website. We like to make a difference in the industrial sector and to make it enjoyable with different products to get the job done.