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Grade 80 Lifting Chain
Grade 80 Lifting Chain
Grade 80 Lifting Chain
Grade 80 Lifting Chain
  • Grade 80 Lifting Chain

Grade 80 Lifting Chain


Please enquire and let us know what you need, we can get any chain made to your specification, with 1 to 4 legs, 0 to 10m with a wide range of hooks and features available.

One of our team will get back to you and discuss your needs and get you quoted.

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All of our chains are certificated and are made to your specification.

Lifting chains are an incredibly useful, convenient and effective tool to use in any lifting job, helping make your life both easier and safer.

We are able to supply lifting chains to your specific needs, simply select the hook type, length and features to build a chain which allows you to achieve exactly what you need to. Simply enquire if you need any special features, or other styles of hook and we’ll do our best to match exactly what you need.

When lifting overhead, only high grade alloy steel chains and components are allowed to be used, you can rest assured that Sibbons only supply high quality, thoroughly tested chains to ensure minimum breaking strength, fatigue testing, and heat resistance are all within safety specifications. To make sure you always know what you’re using, all of our chains come with an identification tag includes the grade of chain, the nominal chain size, the number of chain legs, the length (reach) of the sling, the rated loads for the sling assembly, and the angle upon which the rating is based, everything you need to know on site.

Additional Information

Weight0.1 kg

Working Load Limit of Chains (WLL in Tonnes)

All chain and components are made with grade 80 steel.
All chains are made with short link calibrated chain.
Can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C up to 200°C without any reduction in the S.W.L.
 Chain Size7mm8mm10mm13mm
1 Leg1.5T2T3.1T5.3T
2 Legs2.1T2.8T4.2T7.5T
3 Legs3.1T4.2T6.7T11.2T
4 Legs3.1T4.2T6.7T11.2T


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