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Colas Leoclean Standard Bitumen Cleaner
Colas Leoclean Standard Bitumen Cleaner
Colas Leoclean Standard Bitumen Cleaner
Colas Leoclean Standard Bitumen Cleaner
  • Colas Leoclean Industrial Bitumen Cleaner 5L

Colas Leoclean Standard Bitumen Cleaner

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Colas Leoclean standard is a high quality cleaner and degreaser which is suitable for most surfaces, as well as being able to replace red diesel, chlorinated and paraffin based solvents in most applications, making this a tough, versatile and much safer alternative for effective cleaning and degreasing.

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Leoclean is a derived from orange and vegetable oils with a flash point in excess of 62°C which a vast range of applications, especially degreasing and cleaning, for many materials including;
Bitumen, tar, asphalt, grease, carbon, waxes, adhesives, uncured paint, varnish, oil based inks, creosote, chewing gum, sealants and other mastics.

It is also ideal for cleaning a multitude of surfaces;
combustion engines, parts, tank cleaning, adhesive residue removal, metals, ceramics, concrete, brick, stone, glass, wood, painted surfaces, cured resins, vulcanised rubber and most fabrics.

Care should always be taken with use, especially on surfaces suchs as silk, leather, some plastics or on porous surfaces due to contaminents may be allowed to absorb into the surface.

Leoclean works best when used sparingly and given time to soak into the affected area. The softened/dissolved residue should then be removed iwth an absorbent material. To speed up the process heat, air and/or a vacuum can be applied, but no naked flames. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Leoclean is available in 25litre and 5litre plastic containers, 500ml trigger sprays as well as 200litre drums.

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